Research Articles

Acupuncture as an Evidence-Based Medicinal Approach

Find websites below with research articles, magazine articles and other credible resources for information about the research behind acupuncture and herbal medicine (herbal supplements).

Harvard: “Exploring the Science of Acupuncture”

“Acupuncture as a Therapeutic Treatment for Anxiety”

“Acupuncture has also been shown to increase the release of endorphins,11 the body’s own ‘feel-good’ chemicals, which play an important role in the regulation of physical and emotional stress responses such as pain, heart rate, blood pressure and digestive function.”

“Acupuncture as a Therapeutic Treatment of Cancer Pain”

“acupuncture is effective in relieving cancer-related pain, particularly malignancy-related and surgery-induced pain.”

Harvard: “Quieting the Storm”

“In the study, acupuncture stimulation influenced how animals coped with cytokine storm — the rapid release of large amounts of cytokines, inflammation-fueling molecules.”

“Acupuncture, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, has recently grown more integrated into Western medicine, particularly for the treatment of chronic pain and gastrointestinal disorders.”

“Chinese herbal formulas for treating hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine: perspective of modern science.”

“Currently, Chinese herbal formulas are known to have an outstanding advantage with regard to bodily regulation.”